High Heel Drag Queen Race


It’s appropriate that the very first post on my very first blog recaps an annual DC tradition: the High Heel Drag Queen Race in Dupont Circle.


Posing after the High Heel Race

This event is held the Tuesday before Halloween each year on 17th St. between P and S Streets and it attracts thousands of spectators.  Every year since 2001 I’ve read about the race, thought about going, or been invited to go, but the weather or something else has always kept me away.  This year almost ended in the same way – temps are in the low 50’s and there has been a steady, chilly drizzle all day.  I was tempted not to go again, but I figured that if all the lovely DQ’s can handle it, I can certainly handle it!

There were lots of great costumes, from Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Tinkerbell.


I wonder if they were on the phone with each other


Even the Washington Monument partied

Everyone was jovial and played along, some even throwing roses to the “ladies.”


These people had the right idea

The race starts at 9:00 pm and ends promptly at 9:02 pm.  I highly recommend getting there early, no later than 7:30 pm, to claim an unobstructed view.  I couldn’t believe how many people attended despite the rain.  It reminded me of the streets in NYC during the Halloween parade.

JP and I ended the evening with dinner at Front Page.  Even though this restaurant is a Dupont staple, it could change its name and be any other restaurant in your own town(ie. why they put one in Ballston).   A couple of participants used the restaurant as a home base so we got a second glimpse of the costumes during our meal.  A table of British tourists next to us were completely confused by the scene, but were delighted when the DQ’s posed for photos for them.


Dupont at night

In all, it was a festive DC experience.  It puts DC on par with NYC and San Francisco in terms of annual local gatherings.  Not close to convinced, but I’m open to the idea.  Happy (almost) Halloween!


Not a costume, this is just how he dresses


3 Responses to “High Heel Drag Queen Race”

  1. 1 mg

    What’s with the type in red? Are those links? If so, they don’t work.

    Love the analysis of Front Page – I’ve been feeling that for years, but could never put it into words. You did it.

    You got advertising here? Cause blogspot does that, so you can make money.

    Here’s what I’m listening to right now: http://www.guerrilladelphia.com/

  2. 2 AG

    Envy your life. Looks good. Kudos to the cupcake company – they’ll have my business when next I come.

  3. 3 luppymonster

    The blonde in the first picture second from the left looks like JP. Are you sure he was bystander?

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