This Is It


Fun Friday!

I was craving something fresh and chewy for dinner, so it was off to Kaz Sushi Bistro in Foggy Bottom.


I couldn’t help but pair my delicious meal with some delicious eavesdropping.  To my left was a table of GW students(or cast members from Bravo’s NYC Prep, or both – I couldn’t tell) discussing which local university art department pays more for nude models, while to my right an older gentleman bored his younger companion with talk of his real estate investments.  Typical NW DC.

DSCF2777 had been a long week


Veg sushi

After, I watched the much-hyped Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT.


With ticket prices soaring, I debated a) seeing this movie at all, b) seeing it in basic 35 mm film, or c) seeing it in the ultimate and most expensive way on digital IMAX.  Last year I saw U2’s concert movie in 3D on IMAX at the Natural History Museum.  The sound and picture quality were impeccable; it felt like Bono was going to reach out and inculcate me with Product Red.  So, I chose the IMAX theater which DC is lucky to have a handful of within the metro area.  For some reason, though, the movie isn’t showing at any of the IMAX venues in the district.  Not to worry, AMC Hoffman Center in Alexandria is playing the movie and it is conveniently located across the street from the Eisenhower Ave metro stop on the Yellow line.

This movie has been billed as a limited release even though we all know it will be extended for “one more week only” and available on DVD in time for your stocking stuffers.  It was an entertaining, dignified movie and I happily head bobbed throughout.  What an outstanding performer!

Thrill the World is a worldwide effort to set a Guinness World Record for largest simultaneous dance to the classic song “Thriller.”  The lead group brought the performance to DC for the first time ever on Oct. 24th in Freedom Plaza.  It’s pretty cool that this event was held in DC and supported local charities.

In MJ’s honor and in time for Halloween:

‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night


4 Responses to “This Is It”

  1. 1 mg

    alright! I was worried when you said fresh and chewy it would be one of Dilly’s biscuits. I like that I could click on an fbook link to get to it, and the red hyperlinks are the best.

  2. 3 Jon Davis

    I really like the idea behind this blog! It may be one of JP’s few good ideas.

    You have a great writing style, so it’s also fun to read.

    PS you’ve never ben to Ben’s? Or the Black Cat? or the Capitol? WHO ARE YOU??

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