Arbor Day, Everyday


It was a resplendent Sunday in DC!


I enjoyed the 70-degree weather and last glimpse of the fall sights by touring the U.S. National Arboretum for the first time.  The foliage was golden and the sky was blue.


One of the most common endorsements of DC is the number of free or nearly free attractions we have.  The arboretum is a fine example – it’s free with ample parking and has so much to see and do.

The arboretum serves as a research facility and nature preserve for the Department of Agriculture.  Located off New York Avenue/Route 50 in northeast, it’s a verdant, calm destination in an unlikely area.  The arboretum is open all year with seasonal highlights.  I’m curious to see what blooms in the middle of winter.


DC as part of the National Grove of State Trees?  Pass.  Voting rights?  Fail.


Poor New Jersey’s sign was under repair.

I didn’t come there prepared, and my next visit will include a picnic lunch, frisbee, and bicycle.  There are so many hiking trails to explore; JP and I only saw one quadrant of the arboretum.  A guided tram tours might also be an educational way to see the park.


I visited Greece’s Parthenon in September; who knew it followed me home?


Corinthian columns that stabilized the Capitol until 1958 now reside in the arboretum.  If those columns could talk – the inaugurations and rallies they witnessed!





Gorgeous lighting for non-stop photography.


I underestimated the arboretum and didn’t dress for a hike.  Lesson learned from my muddy flats.


Some of the plants had amusing common names.



Next stop was the Bonsai Museum.




The nomenclature for a bonsai tree’s age is the amount of “training” it has received.  This one has been “in training since 1983” – hey, just like me!


Quick visit to a beautiful Chinese garden.


Then to the tropical bonsai exhibit – phew, it was steamy in there!


Driving around the Azalea trail, we found a skyline angle of the Capitol and Washington Monument(obstructed by trees here, of course).


Can’t believe I’ve missed out on enjoying this site for so long.  My next nature destination in the city will be the Botanic Garden by the Capitol – I hope it convinces me as much as the arboretum did!


8 Responses to “Arbor Day, Everyday”

  1. Your pictures have convinced me! This will go on my list of things to visit next time I’m in the area!

  2. 2 Al Gore Fan

    Hey, Convince Me: Can you take metro to the arboretum? If so then I’m really convinced.

    • Metro is little more than a mile away, but in a pretty rough neighborhood. Plus, the grounds are so huge that a car really makes it easier to move around. Direct metro access would definitely convince me, but then it would also convince everyone else and probably be more crowded. Should have mentioned that!

  3. I’ve been to the Botanic Gardens. It’s like a zoo with no animals. Go to the zoo instead. It has subway access.

    Cute shoes!

  4. 6 saraherthanyou

    I’ve always wanted to go to the arboretum. I think your photos convinced me to make it a priority!

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