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Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep today!  DCers usually overreact to any shift in their daily commute, whether a sprinkle of rain or snow or the sun setting early at 5 pm, so tomorrow’s drive home should be interesting. I watched Scream and stayed inside for Halloween.  The rain and all the crowds…Boo, […]

This Is It


Fun Friday! I was craving something fresh and chewy for dinner, so it was off to Kaz Sushi Bistro in Foggy Bottom. I couldn’t help but pair my delicious meal with some delicious eavesdropping.  To my left was a table of GW students(or cast members from Bravo’s NYC Prep, or both – I couldn’t tell) […]

It’s appropriate that the very first post on my very first blog recaps an annual DC tradition: the High Heel Drag Queen Race in Dupont Circle. This event is held the Tuesday before Halloween each year on 17th St. between P and S Streets and it attracts thousands of spectators.  Every year since 2001 I’ve […]