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Snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snowmygawd, bunch of snow, blizzard of 2009.  Whatever you called it, whatever claustrophobia-inducing grocery store you visited, 22” of fluffy snow made itself known this past weekend in multitude and disruption.  My Saturday afternoon plans consisted of: using my expiring Newseum passes (50% off the normal $20 entrance fee, otherwise known as discounted […]

For the one-month birthday of Convince Me DC, I checked “Tour the U.S. Capitol” off my project to-do list. My public school took us on many field trips, including Gettysburg and the very educational Kings Dominion several times, yet oddly never arranged an excursion to some of the most recognizable landmarks of the city such […]

It was a resplendent Sunday in DC! I enjoyed the 70-degree weather and last glimpse of the fall sights by touring the U.S. National Arboretum for the first time.  The foliage was golden and the sky was blue. One of the most common endorsements of DC is the number of free or nearly free attractions […]

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep today!  DCers usually overreact to any shift in their daily commute, whether a sprinkle of rain or snow or the sun setting early at 5 pm, so tomorrow’s drive home should be interesting. I watched Scream and stayed inside for Halloween.  The rain and all the crowds…Boo, […]